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Ron Hazelton's HouseCalls (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Building expert Ron Hazelton offers advice for home improvement and gives tips on how to compete repair various items on household projects.
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Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford Rustic Renovation (HD, Repeat, TV-G) The show's host takes a "fix-it guy" approach to home improvement and helps everyone from novice homeowners to seasoned home maintenance veterans.
Open House (HD, New, TV-PG) A coast-to-coast look at the real estate market includes some of the best properties and home improvement tips from various experts in design.
Good Morning America Saturday (New)
The Drew Carey Show There Is No Scientific Name for a Show About God (TV-14) After a bizarre mix-up ends in a grisly car accident, Drew believes that he was spared by divine intervention and begins questioning his life's purpose.
The Drew Carey Show Drew's New Assistant (TV-14) Drew is excited about being assigned a personal secretary until he discovers Mimi will be filling the job; Oswald and Lewis fill in on Jay's moving crew.
The Drew Carey Show The Front (TV-14) Drew and Lisa decide to end their relationship after office politics threaten to get them both fired; Oswald and Lewis take "smart pills" as part of a study.
The Drew Carey Show Playing a Unified Field (TV-14) Drew's love life takes a rough and rowdy turn when he starts dating his wild barber; Lisa, Kate, and Mimi all vie for the same position.
A Different World A Word in Edgewise (TV-PG) Kim and Matthew want to learn to appreciate their differences; Dwayne bets Whitley that she can't go without speaking for an entire day.
A Different World Ms. Understanding (TV-PG) Shazza writes a book and causes the men and women on campus to boycott each other, and Dean Hughes has to try to get the sides back together.
The Lone Ranger A Stage for Mademoiselle (TV-PG) Attempting to gain publicity and draw people to her performances, a touring singer dons a French opera persona and develops a plan to have her jewels stolen.
The Lone Ranger Son by Adoption (TV-PG) When an adopted youth searches for his biological father is, he becomes surprised and angry after discovering the true and harsh identity of his lost father.
The Lone Ranger Mrs. Banker (TV-PG) In a brave attempt to find a highly-skilled criminal outlaw, the Lone Ranger decides to work undercover as a prospector in order to get close to his target.
The Lone Ranger Trouble in Town (TV-PG) A bank robbery threatens the establishment's future to function in the town, and if the Lone Ranger does not intervene, the people will lose all their assets.
Lassie Bone (TV-PG) When Lassie digs up a bone that is of importance to a local archaeologist, Pokey steals it when he catches her trying to burry it.
Lassie The Watch (TV-PG) In an effort to teach Jeff to keep on schedule, Ellen executes a plan to prove her case, but his reaction to her lesson leads to results she did not expect.
A Study of the Word with Evangelists Robert & Tammy Shepherd
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Ready, Set, Pet A Cat's Dog (HD, Repeat, TV-G) A woman has made the decision to adopt a dog for her two daughters, who she feels are finally ready for the responsibility of caring for a dog.
The Wildlife Docs The Long & Short of Animal Medicine (HD, Repeat, TV-G) The American alligator is explored, which includes the treatment that is needed to treat its injured leg; a college student experiences life as a wildlife docto
The Beverly Hillbillies Flatt, Clampett and Scruggs (TV-G) Flatt and Scruggs visit the Clampett household and solve the problems they are having at the mansion, including Jethro's hunger and Granny's homesickness.
The Beverly Hillbillies Jed and the Countess (TV-G) The Countess Maria returns to visit her good friends the Clampetts, causing Granny to encourage Jed to make his move now that she is single.
Green Acres Getting Even with Haney (TV-G) Fred gets tired of Doris' nagging about having to beat their laundry on a rock in the creek and finally buys a washing machine from Mr. Haney.
Green Acres Kimball Gets Fired (TV-G) Ralph is upset when Hank is fired as the county agricultural agent and she doesn't care for his rude and disagreeable replacement.
Trackdown Guilt (TV-G) A Texas Ranger and acting sheriff of the town of Porter, Texas, pursues an assortment of wanted fugitives, including bank robbers, horse thieves and killers.
Trackdown Every Man a Witness (TV-G) A Texas Ranger and acting sheriff of the town of Porter, Texas, pursues an assortment of wanted fugitives, including bank robbers, horse thieves and killers.
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Halloween II (TV-G) Disfigured from a train wreck he blames himself for, John keeps to the woods where Brian finds him and helps him overcome his misplaced guilt.
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman The Washington Affair, Part 1 (TV-G) Dr. Mike, Colleen, Matthew, Brian, Sully and Cloud Dancing travel to Washington, D.C. on behalf of the Cheyenne who have been evicted from their land.
Touched by an Angel The Last Day of the Rest of Your Life (TV-G) As leader of a support group for the terminally ill, Monica helps individuals discover and carry out important life goals before they die.
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