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In Search of the Lord's Way (TV-PG) Speaker Phil Sanders leads the Edmond Church of Christ in a bible based worship service, drawing others closer to God in mind and spirit.
World Overcomers Simple and impassioned preaching helps viewers ground their lives in the Word of God and turn to the Bible for guidance in their lives.
Love Worth Finding with Adrian Rogers People God Uses (New, TV-G) A worldwide Christian ministry devoted to spreading the news of Jesus as well as encouraging people to discover a personal relationship with Christ.
Marie Osmond's BodyGym Marie Osmond has raised the bar in fitness. Get ready to experience & feel Measurable Results
Temple of Deliverance
Bountiful Blessings
Beakman's World Camels, Beakmania & Density (TV-G) Beakman explores facts about camels and their water storage; then, the mystery behind the painless karate chop is revealed.
Beakman's World Protozoology, Beakmania & Movie Stunts (TV-G) Discovering a world of animals in a single drop of water; baby bird diets; the secrets behind Hollywood's most hair-raising stunts.
Bill Nye the Science Guy Inventions (TV-G) Host Bill Nye examines the process of inventing with help from special guest, actor Samuel L. Jackson.
Bill Nye the Science Guy Genes (TV-G) Host Bill Nye explores the concept of DNA and visits a veterinarian from Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo, who uses gene technology to help save endangered animals.
Saved by the Bell House Party (TV-G) When Screech's parents leave for a trip to Graceland, Screech's rowdy party ends up breaking an expensive and beloved Elvis statue.
Saved by the Bell Jessie's Song (TV-G) Jessie is under pressure with midterms and her own singing group so she turns to caffeine pills, ignoring Slater's warning that the pills are hazardous to her
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