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Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Cook with Emeril! The AirFryer 360's super-heated air fries food with little to no oil needed, and the nonstick coating makes cleanup a breeze.
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Good Day Memphis on CW30 (New)
The Facts of Life The Return of Mr. Garrett (TV-PG) Mrs. Garrett accepts her ex-husband's remarriage proposal, but changes her mind when she finds out he is teaching the girls how to gamble.
Diff'rent Strokes The Cricket (TV-PG) Arnold believes that he is suffering bad luck, and to change his way of thinking Mr. Drummond gives him a pet cricket and tells him it is a 'good-luck charm.'
The Beverly Hillbillies The Clampetts Strike Oil (TV-G) After discovering that his swamp is loaded with oil, country bumpkin Jed Clampett decides to sell his land to the O.K. Oil Company and move to Beverly Hills.
My Three Sons Robbie Wins His Letter (TV-G) When Robbie's science teacher decides to reward him for his excellent grades, Robbie worries that all the other kids will think he's a nerd.
Leave It to Beaver Beaver the Magician (TV-G) Beaver is discouraged by his family's reaction to his new magic trick, but he's able to convince Bengie that he can turn people into a rock.
Leave It to Beaver June's Birthday (TV-G) June's birthday has Wally and Beaver arguing over what to buy with the five dollars that Ward gave them.
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