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black-ish White Breakfast (HD, TV-PG) Dre and Bow must determine the appropriate disciplinary action when Diane and Jack get in trouble at school; Ruby thinks Junior's teacher is flirting with him.
Modern Family Fight or Flight (HD, TV-PG) After spending a weekend with Phil's old pals, Claire grabs the last first class seat available on their flight home, leaving Phil stuck in coach.
Two and a Half Men Kinda Like Necrophilia (HD, TV-14) Alan gets very upset when he learns that Charlie stole his former high school girlfriend and soon sets his sights on revenge against his brother.
Two and a Half Men Meander to Your Dander (HD, TV-14) Alan is thinking about breaking up with his girlfriend but he is unsure how to go about doing it, so Charlie lends him some advice on ending relationships.
The Game Party in a Box (HD, TV-14) When Chardonnay feels that her relationship with Jason is not being taken seriously, he must reveal her to his closest comrades; Kwan is out for the season.
The Game Fits and Starts (HD, TV-14) Tasha and Pookie consider taking their close friendship to the next level; after Janay and Noah leave town for a while, Melanie and Derwin manage DJ.
Carol Burnett and Friends Guest Rock Hudson (TV-G) In a vaudeville sketch, Rock Hudson leaves Carol behind so he may pursue a career in New York that will lead to fame and fortune.
Perry Mason The Case of the Provocative Protege (TV-PG) When a finished pianist is violently murdered for insurance money, the authorities hold his attractive protégé as a suspect in the crime.
The Twilight Zone The Hunt (TV-PG) A man ignores warnings from his wife and goes coon hunting with his dog, but when they return, he is dismayed to discover that no one can see or hear him.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Dead Weight (TV-PG) A married man decides to take his secret girlfriend on a late night trip to lover's lane where they are suddenly attacked by a violent criminal.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Special Delivery (TV-PG) An 11-year-old boy receives a mysterious package in the mail from a house of novelties containing mushrooms, and people in his neighbor begin to disappear.
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